A "Healthy Buzz" is that feeling deep within you when your in your "zone". A vibration within you that is positive, energizing, and happy. This energy will be sensed by others and it will affect how you experience everything in your life. While we may not be able to maintain this kind of "Buzz" 24/7, by learning how to achieve this and tap into it often, our world becomes a better place for both us individually and as a human family. This is my belief, and my mission- to share and revel in the "Buzz". Follow me as I share my recent research and personal findings, share the new buzz on scientific news, try out products, share book reviews and other things that have caught my eye regarding health, personal growth, and new things that amaze me and make me laugh! I hope to have you join my Buzz Club, and lets share this journey together! Its free, and easy! now....let's get Buzzed!!!!!